Monday, June 25, 2012

Greene Doc

As well as making the rowing documentary, I’m also assisting the production of a piece on Andrew Greene, an ex-gang member from New York who after eight years of imprisonment in connection to a murder returns to his neigbourhood and attempts to re-establish a life.  All footage was shot by a fellow student before the start of the course.  My role was to sift through the 12 hours of raw material and help construct a narrative from it.  This was my first experience of working on a production without being on location.  This was frustrating at times, as I would liked to have had input on the interviews and shot selection.  However, watching the footage from an outsiders perspective was liberating.  As well as seeing characters with a ruthless viewer’s perspective, you’re also limited to a rough idea of time and order.  In my naivety, I assumed the filming process only took a few days, when in fact it was shot over the course of two weeks.  However, for our ten minute brief, the idea of following Andrew for what seems like a weekend was more appealing than the reality, and was therefore cut with quality material concentrated in a three-day frame.

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